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Silver Monkey Software Products

With increasing expectations of IT in companies, the need for simplification is growing. Our core business is the standardization and automation of IT infrastructures based on Microsoft technologies. The result is that processes become faster, better and more efficient.

We integrate your IT systems and deliver intuitive and reliable solutions for the operation of Microsoft technologies such as System Center Configuration Manager, Intune, Azure or Office 365. In addition, we supply interfaces to third-party systems such as various ticket and e-mail systems, private and public cloud platforms, CMDB systems and others to automate your workflows throughout.

Our products

...create more freedom for the really important activities of your IT professionals.

Self Service Portal

Migrating all users to Windows 10 is a process that takes a lot of planning, time and resources. With Silver Monkey Self Service Portal, we provide you with a tool that lets your users carry out the changeover by themselves and at a time of their choice. The handling is simple and self-explanatory.
Give your users the opportunity to obtain software and other services simply and with the help of automated processes.

Application Lifecycle Manager

Managing all software products being used by a company requires a sophisticated process. Different versions, different test and release cycles and compatibility must be handled. With Silver Monkey Application Lifecycle Manager, we offer you the possibility to standardize and automate your workflows in an easily understandable and fast web application.

Modern Workplace Manager

The administration of users and devices or the distribution of software are often time consuming in large environments and can only be managed using various tools. With Silver Monkey Modern Workplace Manager, you can automate your Workplace Management and perform processes in high quality. Provide your service desk staff with all important functions and information in a central and intuitive web interface.


Added value for companies of all sizes


Our products can be used in companies of all sizes and offer IT departments added value through standardized, automated, faster and more efficient workflows. Within the company itself, both individuals as well as larger teams and collaborating specialist departments can benefit.

Individuals and smaller teams

  • Acceleration of recurring work
  • Simplification of the SCCM interface

Cooperating teams and specialist departments

  • Collaboration and communication via the website
  • Enforcement of standards by all departments

Service Providers and Packaging Factories

  • Transparent process for the companies involved
  • Same process at different standards

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