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Application Lifecycle Manager

"Software and release management require a high degree of coordination, agreement, testing and the administration of a complex data stock!"

Simplify the management of your application landscape and make it a high quality routine.

Starting position

Software requests from users trigger a complex software provisioning process - from initialization, development, testing and quality assurance to implementation and finally application by the user. Every software or operating system update requires new tests, approvals, if necessary new software packaging or even new purchases and subsequent licensing.

We offer

Silver Monkey Application Lifecycle Manager offers you the possibility to carry out the software lifecycle in your company in a standardised, clear and transparent way. We help you with our tool in all phases of software packaging, provisioning and management of your software inventory, management of release changes and update cycles up to decommissioning of the software.

Our web application is clear, easy to understand and accessible from anywhere at any time. Messages triggered from the system inform all process participants about the respective process step and any necessary tasks - such as testing, release, approval and others. We also provide you with reporting that gives you full control and overview of the status of your software lifecycle at all times.

Silver Monkey Application Lifecycle Management prepares you for the ever-shorter update cycles of manufacturers and creates the basis for an Evergreen service in your company.

All necessary technical procedures for mapping the application life cycle can be automated via our specially developed interface to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and other standard interfaces to third-party systems. 

An adaptation to your environment and your company CI is easily possible. 


Your added value

The use of our products offers your company various advantages. Not only on an organizational and structural level, but also directly for your employees. Learn more about your benefits:


Transformation of company standards into a persistent operating process (evergreen).

Central database

All information in an application management database with central definitive media library.

Process quality

Repeatability of workflows through automation and standardized data acquisition.

  • Easier planning of release and update cycles
  • Transparent process and clear controlling
  • Time saving through easy to understand interface
  • Time savings of up to 80% through automated creation of Configuration Manager objects
  • Minimization of media breaks
  • Easy training of new employees
  • Acceleration and quality improvement in the packaging process
  • Measurable Packaging Performance
  • Rapid implementation through pre-configuration based on good practices
  • Minimization of manual data entry
  • Further use of the information in the software lifecycle for further applications
  • Relief of high-professionals from 2nd/3rd level
  • Facilitated communication with operating units or service provider

Our service

Both IT administrators and end users benefit greatly from the use of our online tool. An overview of the features can be found here:

  • Mapping and automation of your application lifecycle processes and workflows
  • Definition of approval levels and e-mail notification of approvers
  • User access via a web portal in the look & feel of the customer
  • Customizable product logos
  • Standardized interface to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
  • Active Directory Connection and Single Sign On
  • MS SQL database in the backend
  • Extensive reporting options with MS SQL Reporting or Power BI
  • Assignment of authorizations based on AD groups
  • Scope based restrictions and filters possible

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