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Modern Workplace Manager

"The device & user management and software distribution require structured planning, deep expert knowledge and cause great effort!"

Automate the technical and organizational processes of your Workplace Management and save valuable time.

Starting position

IT-Workplace Management is operated by means of a variety of management systems. For example: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Intune, (Azure) Active Directory, ERP systems, identity management systems and similar. The use of these systems requires different and profound expert knowledge, comprehensive processes, controlling and reporting and is usually associated with high administrative effort. It is often difficult for users, IT staff and service desk to find the right ways to keep the information consistent and avoid errors. 

We offer

Silver Monkey Modern Workplace Manager offers you the possibility to control the different activities in the area of user, device and software management. Identity management, the creation of users, the provision of software and operating systems and the administration of mobile devices can be automated and carried out by a central application.

Our tool is visually appealing, accessible from everywhere and intuitively operable. Software distribution, for example, can be performed in our tool simply by drag and drop. In addition, we provide you with reporting that gives you full control and overview of the status of various Workplace requirements at any time.

With our web application, IT Workplace Management can be transferred from 3rd and 2nd level support to 1st level support or to a service desk. This left shift means that high professionals in your IT department have more time for activities that are really important. Service Desk employees and IT administrators can perform different management tasks at a central point.

These tasks can be performed completely automatically in the background and without any user intervention via our specially developed interface to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and other standard interfaces to third-party systems.


Your added value

The use of our products offers your company various advantages. Not only on an organizational and structural level, but also directly for your employees. Learn more about your benefits:

Delegating tasks

Outsourcing of routine tasks to the 1st level support or service desk.


Easy to understand and simple to use.

Saving of resources

Reduction of administrative effort, faster execution of tasks.

  • Transparent and clear management of all activities in IT Workplace Management
  • Mapping of IMAC/D processes in the Workplace area
  • Time savings through automation
  • Significant reduction in administrative costs
  • Mapping complex computer configurations
  • Simplified distribution of software packages
  • Standardization of Workplace Management processes
  • Repeatability and better quality of workflows through automation
  • Minimization of media breaks
  • Easy training of new employees and low training costs
  • Rapid implementation through pre-configuration based on good practices
  • Relief of high-professionals from 2nd/3rd level
  • Background processes can be adapted at any time - invisibly for the user

Our service

Both IT administrators and end users benefit greatly from the use of our online tool. An overview of the features can be found here. 

  • Automating Software and Operating System Deployment with SCCM
  • Automation of computer and user installations, modification and deletion
  • Automation of device management tasks, such as RemoteWipe
  • User access via a web portal in the look & feel of the customer
  • Standardized interface to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
  • Interface to Microsoft Intune, Active Directory, Office 365 etc.
  • Interfaces to various e-mail, ticket and ERP systems possible
  • Active Directory Connection and Single Sign On
  • MS SQL database in the backend
  • Extensive reporting options with MS SQL Reporting or Power BI
  • Assignment of authorizations based on AD groups
  • Scope based restrictions and filters possible

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