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Self Service Portal

"The rollout of Windows is complex, know-how-intensive and complicated!"

Save your users valuable time when switching to Windows 10 in self-service.

Starting position

When Windows 10 is rolled out, IT departments and project teams are faced with extensive planning and execution tasks.
For example, databases must be prepared and cleaned up, installation procedures and routines must be planned, created and tested. Furthermore, processes must be coordinated and communicated with the various departments and users, and changes must be tracked.

We offer

Silver Monkey Self Service Portal offers you the suitable solution in the form of a web interface in which your users control the changeover themselves and decide independently when they will trigger the changeover to a new Windows version.
Deployment can be carried out directly by the user with just a few clicks and can be operated intuitively.

Your employees decide independently when the changeover will take place - they feel appreciated and will be enthusiastic about how easily they can make the switch to a new version of Windows.
A click after the end of work or prior to a meeting is enough - and the system is ready to be used afterwards.

In addition, our self-service portal enables us to map automated and standardized approval processes for defined additional software. We store the guidelines for various programs used in your company. This means that the software release process can be carried out without the great administrative effort previously required by your IT department.

Automatic deployment is based on the System Center Configuration Manager. The connection to the Active Directory guarantees a Single Sign On - no extra passwords are required.

Silver Monkey Self Service Portal can be customized to your environment. The web application allows device-independent access to the portal.


Your added value

The use of our products offers your company various advantages. Both on an organizational and structural level, as well as directly for your employees. Read here which of these are.

Easy and intuitive to use

Intuitive operation with little to no training.

Relief of the IT

Time savings through standardization and automation of processes.

Fit for Evergreen

Better handling of the increasingly frequent software updates of the manufacturers.

  • With a few clicks to the new Windows version
  • Simple login with Single Sign On
  • Attractive design and intuitive menu navigation on all devices
  • Few queries, due to simple and self-explanatory interface
  • Administrative relief of your IT
  • Saves time in the administrative and planning effort of rollouts
  • Summary overview of the rollout status
  • Future upgrades are automated and easy to implement
  • Consistent quality due to automated and transparent workflows
  • Fewer hurdles for the introduction of a new Windows version - very good user acceptance

Our service

Both IT administrators and end users benefit greatly from the use of our online tool. An overview of the features can be found here.

  • Automating Software and Operating System Deployment with SCCM
  • Configurable request workflows for software and operating system provisioning
  • Definition of approval levels and e-mail notification of approvers
  • User access via a web portal in the look & feel of the customer
  • Customizable product logos
  • Standardized interface to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager
  • Active Directory Connection and Single Sign On
  • MS SQL database in the backend
  • Extensive reporting options with MS SQL Reporting or Power BI
  • Assignment of authorizations based on AD groups
  • Scope based restrictions and filters possible

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