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Software deployment by servicedesk

"Everyday our IT-experts are busy with administrative tasks like software allocation and deployment or the installation of new PCs!"

Give your experts their time back, so they can take care of the most important tasks in IT and delegate daily routine-tasks to your servicedesk.


IT-experts in companies, for example SCCM-administrators, are often bound by various tasks of the daily business. The processing of software-inquiries, the allocation of software or the rollout of big software-packages consumes a lot of time and attention. Those tasks require lots of communication and presuppose appropriate tools for the monitoring and control. The employees working at the servicedesk or at the first-level-support are seldom able to deploy big amounts of software and to execute, monitor and control rollouts.


With the Silver Monkey Modern Workplace Manager, the clientmanagement is put in the hands of the servicedesk. By using a clear webinterface, which can be easily adjusted to individual needs, PCs - for instance - can be deployed and provided with an operating system. Also, software can be sent to PCs/clients or to user-groups. Thanks to our web-application, you won't have to open the config manager console, the AD or other administrating-tools.
Authorization and administration-scopes can be defined, so that various servicedesks or IT-departments can only administer clients within their location. Special knowledge in terms of SCCM will not be necessary - all actions are easy to understand and easy to execute - the effort in terms of teaching the employees is marginal.

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