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Self service of Windows 10 rollout for endusers

"Windows-rollouts need to be planned intensively, they require time-consuming appointment-coordination and cause high efforts during the change, the maintenance and during the release!"

Save valuable time during the change towards Windows 10 by letting the users do it with User-selfservice.


Up to this day, Windows-rollouts were usually planned and maintained centrally. Dependencies needed to be considered just like organizational circumstances within the company. Within the departments, contact persons coordinated the appointments of the division. Changes within the plan went with enormous efforts in terms of reconciliation. During the migration, the employees were not able to work for one or more days.


We offer the perfect solution with a web-interface, with which your users are able to manage the migration on their own. They can decide, when the migration should be initiated. It can be used intuitively and with only two clicks the deployment of Windows 10 can be initiated directly by the user. Software-orders and -approval are also possible, as well as the integration of further automatized deployments.

Learn more about theĀ Silver Monkey self service portal!

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