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Windows as a Service - Evergreen

"Shorter deployment cycles mean huge challenges for IT-departments!"

Try immortality!

Make sure your IT is always secure and up to date.


Every six months a new version of the Microsoft operating system Windows 10 is being released. While in earlier days the timespan used to be 2-3 years, nowadays an operating system is outdated after only a year. In order to update the operating system on a regular basis, a huge amount of coordination, agreements, tests and releases are required.
Thus, the use of all software-products being used within the company is challanged every 6 months. An adequate lifecycle-management and a centralized software-shopping cart with defined contact persons and tests become vital.


Bring the management of your application-portfolio to the next level. With every new Windows-release, persons responsible will be contacted, tests will be organized, testingsystems will be deployed automatically and the allocation will be organized; all made possible by our tool. The release becomes a standard-procedure, which can be repeated with the same quality and thus decreasing dangers during the migration and increasing your employees' productivity.
The application is easy to understand, clear and it can be used without any knowledge of SCCM.

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